KENNETH W. CARPENTER for Jackson County Sheriff 2012

I would like to welcome you the citizens of Jackson County and thank you for taking the time to visit my web site; your vote will make a difference because I want to make a difference with every kid and community in Jackson County. Please join me as we begin a journey for success to gain the Democrat nomination for Sheriff of Jackson County. I am requesting your assistance, support,  and your vote in the August 2012 primary election and the November 2012 election. I am wanting a new and improved Sheriff’s department that will give back to the younger generation by educating them at an early age on safety and continue to educated them when they become adults on the laws that fill the jail everyday. Today’s younger generation are doing drugs like crack and heroin that have taken lives in Jackson County. I will make it my personal mission to clean up narcotics that affect the children and adults in Jackson County. The Sheriff’s department needs to step up and really help kids by getting involved to make real changes such as a Sheriff cadet program and a Sheriff athletic league for kids that don’t make the junior high and high school teams.   I will make Non violent inmates in the county jail give back to the community and learn from their bad choices by cleaning up the roads, parks, cemeteries and public events. When inmates give back to the community the rewards will be a phone call to check on there kids, church with their  family on Sundays. This will be more cost effective and help stop the revolving doors at the Jackson County jail then what I have witnessed. Again thanks for taking the time to read this and I will need your help spreading the word to every parent and grandparent that I am here to make a difference in their child’s life and community in Jackson County. The Sheriff Dept. needs to be the leading role in helping the youth and being engaged with the community. Enough with the reactive Sheriff Department, I will provide a new proactiv Sheriff Dept that willl provide quality service, better response time and stronger positive involvement with the communitys of Jackson and Jackson County.


To contact me:

E-mail: carpenterforsheriff@comcast.net

Phone:  (517)240-3804


Kenneth W. Carpenter